The abandonment of Benedict XVI


“Eli, Eli lama sabachtani ?” 1 When Benedict XVI means, in simple words, waives the pope function, this is an earthquake that shook the world and strikes Catholics. The most outlandish rumors and everyone wondering about the causes of this decision, even if it is not unique, causes stupor. Personally two feelings within me : abandonment and sadness, his pilot fish, if not desolation. Dropping like an echo that continues to reproduce and amplify, as a heady complaint.

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The death of privacy

diseased tree

All over, on the Internet, in newspapers or on television, personal experience appears, showing off and wants to reference. This indecency is based on an inversion of values. It relies mostly on and around the idea of ​​same. The idea of ​​even thinking : “I lived it, My experience reflects a universal feeling. I mean what I experienced. I ask myself indispensable witness”. Is to confuse the universal and the general. What is forgotten, misunderstood, this is the difference lies between every man ; and every man is singular. Not singular by his sexual orientation or his mannerisms, but intrinsically. Now there's an old concept to the new turn of the century. By experience, its culture and its nature, each man shows a facet of Man, and every facet is extraordinary. Create the image of God. But we can not, otherwise looking men and considering them all singular, to embrace God. Forget that God brings the same. Each said that his contine, although it can tell the tragic existence of a, contine is only because it does not even begin to tell the tragedy of Man.

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