L & rsquo; humanity of Cheyenne Carron - Reflections on the film The Apostle

The film The Apostle Cheyenne-Marie Carron
The film The Apostle Cheyenne-Marie Carron

What amazed me invaded a recent morning listening to the voice of a young woman auscultated by Louis Daufresne his show, The Great Witness, Radio Notre Dame. I would learn that this young woman named Cheyenne Carron. Christian, She made a film, The Apostle1, the story of a Muslim touched by grace who decides to convert to Catholicism and must suffer the indignities of his relatives.

Far removed from what the media force us to endure all day, rumor and comment, clear and calm voice Cheyenne Carron grabs you. It answers the questions if they are intelligent. She keeps an Olympian calm in all circumstances. She leads a fight without violence. So few young women displayed such faith today. At a time when violence has become commonplace. Or violence replaces the fight. that voice we hear that it is not necessary, but which imposes, nothing arrogant, nothing wavering, calmly, reassured. It is true that the magic of radio thickens the plot. The voice of Cheyenne Carron is based on a corpus, she never puts forward, more, when it is needed, it delivers the no frills. It takes the corpus of his life, short and intense, it has developed almost by accident. A miserable childhood before the age of understanding of what misery forged a reading of life before consciousness of life. When listening Cheyenne Carron, This is an open book. Agree to self-open book gives an indication of overcoming fear. How do we overcome fear ? I have often spoken of the fear on this blog… But it seems fast in circles when we speak of fear. Speaking of fear does not scare. Speaking of fear comforts. There is fear and fear. How far God did He hit left Job for the latter feels the fear, the true Fear ? Ernest Hello, fear exists in the Garden. For as Bernanos : " In one way, do you see, Fear is still the daughter of God, bought the night of Good Friday. It is not nice to see - not ! - Sometimes derided, sometimes cursed, renounced by all. And however, do not be fooled : it is at the bedside of every agony, she intercedes for man ". Grace is never far away from fear. One stands lurking when the other abounds. Et vice versa. The real fear is not seen. The real fear is not shared. The real fear is intimate. She said the Friday of each.

Voice of Cheyenne Carron burst bravery. Furthermore, bravery become second nature. Cheyenne Carron brave because she wants to exist since it was abandoned shortly after birth. She was then assigned to a host family that proved holy ; picked her up in his misery, she showed him the grace. Son corpus. Without grace, his bravery would not be a. Grace is the ally of faith, they range from canned and cheminent to ease the conscience of the agony of every good Christian. Cheyenne Carron film as it lives. Say bravery, that is to say all the bravery of his film and its characters. In The Apostle, Faisal Safi, the primary role of Muslim who converts to Catholicism, demonstrates extraordinary talent2. It shows a life force. After all, live shows fear with excellence, is not it ? Live, is to risk, that is to say the lack, l’inaccompli, to the nearly. All this imperfection that we are working to hide. There is a step in the life, easy and inaugural stage, which involves not name what we do not like, but only what we love. It seems futile and almost insane : not act against, but for. To act is another way to combat. To act equivalent to embrace fear. Because fear kiss… You can tell him that we love, that the likes and that we do not want for anything to be separated from it. Akim (Faisal Safi) shows in the film, by at least twice, he married his fear : when he was summoned by an anxious family assembly of secondment of Islam and the faithful come when two bludgeoned. In both episodes the film, Akim takes his fear in his arms and affectionately hugs ; and declares his faith in Jesus Christ. a Everest. Facing him, is silence or violence, what comes to the same. Akim operates in a different universe, hugging her fear, he changes into love, it becomes bravery. This is the metamorphosis of Good Friday.

What surprises most about the film, The Apostle, written, product, directed by a Catholic, shot with Muslim Arab and Jewish actors, this is its scale and balance. As Cheyenne Carron puts all of herself and turns it into universal - the fear is it not universal ? Bravery is it not universal ? —, it forces everyone to do their revolution 3. Who is Cheyenne Carron to intimate us about and make our revolution ? a Pythia ? a prophetess ? an apostle, exactly ? His film is a punch in the stomach Muslims, but also, perhaps first, Christians. Yet it is the film of a committed artist claiming his Catholic faith. It always seems not to side while claiming the. What stunt ! This film is renovating the Christian ideal in our minds : it forces us to remember our shortcomings towards our neighbor. One of the most crucial questions is not to force him to think about our fault before the next ? Although our fault is minimal compared to that of the next. Even if ? Especially if ! Is not that what separates us from all other religions ? Christianity is not a religion that claims. Christianity is the source of all the ideas of freedom and vis-à-vis the upcoming goodness. All, without exception. Christianity invented the next and embodied through the figure of the Good Samaritan. This is the conversion that is required of us. The conversion in the other, the next, is the conversion home, now. In other words : being and embody for the next an apostle of Christ.

this conversion, is that produced by the vision of the film The Apostle. A film by Marie-Cheyenne Carron.

  1. The Apostle passes in two cinemas in Paris, Lincoln and 7 Parnassiens. Cheyenne Marie Carron has no producer or distributor to mount his films. Who will be surprised here by the timidity and conformity of "the great family of French cinema" ? Become since May 68 a press box of the right-thinking, French cinema lives of many and varied aid going from one pocket to another, as an ode to cronyism.

    The DVD of this film so little distributed is available for purchase on the site Cheyenne-Marie Carron.

  2. All actors in this film are amazing and excuse me mention only the main actor
  3. The sense given to Thomas Molnar, complete return to the initial step, but also knowing that one never returns to the initial stage quite the same

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