Novena for France

What a great initiative ! A Novena for France. A novena to say our love of the Virgin Mary and ask her to watch with all the saints of our beautiful country. It is useless to belch on social networks or on the Internet or even in the street, it is useless to belch if we do not ask the intercession of our Most Holy Mary for our country. If we do not do, if this prayer effort we are not intimate and binding, so we did that make France. We gobergeons us words. Intercession of the Holy Virgin is the means to receive enough grace to hope that the future of our country is worthy of its past. Never believe that our future lies in the wrath, the bustle, the sleeve effects, what we do, good or bad, the future also belongs, first of all, our prayer. Do we ever think sufficient. The acceptance of our weakness, our lack, precisely the failure of our strength and our willingness proves that the divine intercession is mandatory. This acceptance marks our entry into the novena ! Without knowing, docility related to acceptance, the "compliance" of our soul, allows us to enter this novena. Let us be guided when the Lord has a deep desire : he lead his small flock. Docility is the fruit of tenderness…

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