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Maurras-et-comte-de-Parisreplicas is a unique program in the French intellectual landscape. Alain Finkielkraut will refuse almost any theme and it is only in this way. In the emission of 7 February 2015, Alain Finkielkraut proposed theme "Charles Maurras and his heirs". I expected this show forward, first because Maurras has no place in the French intellectual landscape since the war, then because I must admit : Maurras and I related party. I had the chance to read before Maurras 20 years in the mid 80. A carefree time. The Natural policy1 became a favorite book. Royalism word was whispered by my mother always, but with modesty at all times, with a protective modesty : we were living in public housing, petitement, and balance my mother had wrought was to remain the cement of our family. This balance Caulking under modesty that kept overflowing cover up what we were intimately. At least no disposals us be… intimately. With the discovery of Maurras, political word became something other than nostalgia. with Mauras, this word was taking shape, gave meaning to life. I discovered Maurras with Boutang with Bernanos. The three will change my life. Everything seems linked with time. As I met with Jean Pierre Pujo Sévillia with Patrice de Plunkett. The order does not matter. The order and grace are linked, and Maurras had understood.

Alain Finkielkraut, because it is systematically treated as reactionary thinking, but also by the fascination of the old master, we offer this 7 February 2015, almost a month after France had been attacked in it, a program dedicated to félibre : "The heirs of Charles Maurras'. The old master is a scandal for so many people : "How this traitor, this junk Maurras can it be raised again ? "Maurras is sitting next to Hitler in the mouth of those who cite the public square. After so many efforts to commute the eternal scandal, how can the name be mentioned again ? How can this thought be subject to criticism ? and yet, there is so much to say. Maurras is so far. But how is this still Maurras ? First by the fight. Maurras is Greek first, it's in Athens, during his trip he will hear his vocation, This way to fight constantly against the obstruction, against which blocks, against the dike, and which has no foundation and prevents the balance, human scaffold, civilization… Maurras first proves an intellectual follower of the Greco-Roman wrestling. Maurras leaves no breathing, it turns alternately in boa constrictor, in charges, or bear ! Despite the passing of time, despite anti-Semitism, despite its emptiness, despite her through so, Maurras continues to inspire and tell the present time. By what miracle ?

When I arrived at the French Action, the newspaper called Aspects of France. Pierre Pujo directed the. I was aware of my luck soon. Pujo had taken me under his wing. I attended Jean Sévillia, François Léger, Eric Letty, Pierre Gagemon (or Pierre de la Coste, author ofApocalypse Progress Free Editions Outlook) ET Eric Vatré. I was a minus, a noisy mascot, who was trying to make its way. I did not have 20 years. François Léger liked me and Michel Deon with whom I conversed several times and I visited Galway. Pierre Chaumeil told us his culinary chronic, Eric Letty, we drank his words. We stood for hours listening convinced that this was the new Beaujolais daily. We watched from his bicycle zigzagging between cars in a slalom ingenious. We passed through Paris on the lookout for its beauties. I can not say enough these great friendships that have marked me forever. Deep inside me, I was animated by the spirit of Maurras and the monarchy. A few months earlier, I attended my first conference of the French Action, I had just arrived in Paris and wanted to do as Bernanos and be of French Action, I had 18 Pierre Boutang years and had engulfed the room ending his speech by invoking the innocence of Captain Dreyfus and asking that the trial of Maurras retrial ! I understood that the French action was not just a slogan. Ostensibly, Yes, but not only. The French action was much more, it was based, it had its own language, it was a body and it was the least that could be expected of a monarchist movement. I said the amount of talent that I attended and I shall never be able to thank enough meekness of Pierre Pujo for making me part of this editorial which lacked nothing for me to learn everything. He should have seen my elders defended my articles that had very few links with the life of the French Action. It must be recognized as Pierre Pujo was a hundred thousand miles caricatures we pitched him. I can not judge what he understood of my articles on Beineix, Bryan Ferry or Ridley Scott, but he published the, often wondering : "What do these people of the monarchy ? Thou hast asked ? They are not enemies at least ? "Pierre Pujo had this way of life still in its infancy. It was moored to its ideals, in this he was an art expert Maurras, for he suffered the same ills. But are they ? When everything collapses, evils often better than the chimera ; evil always say something of truth because they are experienced. Pujo had a loyal lieutenant, Michel Fromentoux which often kept him at arm's length log. I had a chance later to grow a little more with Jean Sévillia and Patrice de Plunkett Figaro-Magazine, But this is another story. I finished my education and spent my degrees in journalism and writing alongside these people of great talent. The French action was a hotbed of talent and it has always been. When I see young royalists today, I am always touched to see that talent does not expect the number of years and there is a political movement in France that continues to give way to the young and talented. And just spend some time in another youth political movement to realize that this is not a common place.

The mid 80 in the early 90, the newspaper had made progress and I also. His name was again the French Action. Jean Sévillia had assured the chief editor and had just left the. I had come two or three times to the French Action during those years when I lived in London, I then became an officer during Daguet, the first Gulf War, and Pierre Pujo had always moved appointments to receive me, What it costs. Friendship, I learned the meaning of friendship to the French Action. There have always been friends and enemies of the French Action and like Charles Maurras, there always had great difficulty in creating enemies. I remember Peter telling me one day Gagemon : "We should not cultivate enmities". Some generic remarks are reaching. In the early 90, French Action tired of. It would not be the first time, nor the last. Pierre Pujo called me into his office, and told me : « Emmanuel, can you write me an article on that subject ? "And then another and another… I was thankful. The French Action had given me so much. I discovered a new generation. I learned so much from the preceding that if I could give back some of this generosity, I would be satisfied. I knew Pierre Pujo had suffered the departure of Jean Sévillia. He offered to become editor. I felt small in no Sévillia and, in the beginning, have never ceased to wonder what it would have done in my place. And there was a meeting, in 1993, during the French Action Symposium, a long forecastle stood before me and held out his hand, it was Nicolas Kessler2. Our buddy widens Sébastien Courtois I immediately saw the talent of him still unknown3, to animate the cultural pages of the French Action. With boundless enthusiasm. I brought my luggage in my meetings and my friendships with Ernst Jünger, Georges Mathieu4, Vladimir Dimitrijévic, Alvaro Mutis… Nicolas Kessler, its Protestant culture, but not only, brought a way of thinking unique and original. The cultural section of the French Action breathed a freedom that I have rarely known elsewhere. It was the French Action's strength : a statue of the, Pierre Pujo, and a nice anarchy below. King top, down freedoms or "the monarchy up, Republics down "… So everyone, and I have been capriciously, suffering from not being able to write what they wanted or what they wanted, complained of nothing, for everything and anything. Suffering adversity, dreaming not to know and to discard it as in an idealized world.

The generation of the 90 dreamed rid of Pujo, father and son. She did not see that in doing so she walked in and no other Rebatet, accusing the French inaction… The generation of the 90 would have dismissed Maurras himself. The generation of the 80 criticized Pujo, but she made her allegiance. that of 90 wanted to do battle with him. She accused him of all evil. From haughtily, arrogantly, she glared… There was a petty-bourgeois mentality, a self-righteousness that I had never known in French Action. In the years 80, rather it was populated by workers and artisans… I remember a singular incident rue Croix des Petits Champs. I walk up the street to the newspaper company in Pierre Pujo. An accident involving three cars and a cyclist. A fight broke out between a half dozen belligerents. Pierre Pujo to whom I pay decades is infinitely quicker than me to jump in the middle of the furnace and, height of surprise, to stop the conflict in no time. He came back to me as if nothing had happened, and here we are conquering the tarmac to the office. I stay long blown by this episode. We have never speaks again with Pierre Pujo. But this moment was etched in my mind to the point that I have always refused afterwards to mock one who had shown an unequaled readiness to intervene when I kept my dreams and was resting snugly on my relativism Event.

When Alain Finkielkraut directs a program on French Action, he calls : "The heirs of Maurras'. But no, Maurras has no heirs. Maurras had no descendants. Maurras is a UFO. If Charles Maurras wanted heirs, what would have happened otherwise. First, he would have asked to Providence not to be born deaf. Losing sense for all consist of sensitivity was fatal. It seems that chance is other than God traveling anonymously. God played a funny turn Maurras. He pilloried by enclosing it in a silent jail. Since then, Maurras never stopped speaking before his opponents. Maurras has no heir, for he is a polemicist. Before being deaf, before being adult, first of all. Maurras was a captain, he gathered companions, because it was to be surrounded in his deafness. It's complicated the walling. Maurras could only love Antigone. Maurras has always tried to kill the paradoxes. He should have said straight away to Alain Finkielkraut Charles Maurras can have no heirs. And above all he never had anything to do to have. The announcement of a program on Maurras had caused euphoria. The name has been so forgotten Maurras, hidden, caulked, buried… On public radio, you can put his name as the title of a program notes of a provocation or a settling of accounts or extreme freedom.

François Huguenin issued a fine study : "At the School of the French Action". In the years 90, he created a periodical called "Reaction". This review has brought some new blood in the royalist landscape, but it also repeated less what had been done in the French Action (Interview with Julian Freund, Jean-Marie domain…) and sometimes she wanted to Peopolis inviting in its columns writers making only the importance they gave themselves or by taking on his own themes, theses, glosses, thoughts and assumptions of the New Right. The generation of the mid 80 has always kept out of this thought. That of early 90 sometimes it will launch body and soul to better divert Pierre Pujo. The temptation of the new thinking, the temptation to forget the past animate French. The will to power moves the. But is not Alain de Benoist who wants…

The heirs of Charles Maurras does not exist. If we had put the question to Pierre Pujo, he refused this title. He would not even understand. There are no heirs of Charles Maurras, there are better, there is a legacy. A natural heritage, a heritage to discover in every generation. Charles Maurras is a tradition. Charles Maurras wrote a French anthropology. There are no heirs to a tradition. There is a legacy. Alain Finkielkraut had organized his show around a historian, Olivier Dard, speaking of stopped time, is surprised anecdotes, decisions, of course changes, and especially errors, and another historian, of another kind, ideas, François Huguenin, who also was pleased anecdotes, has continued to point out contradictions Maurras, as this passage from the issue of decentralization, which was a result of confusion and mistakes on all sides… An audience of experts to talk about the 'master'. When Boutang spoke Maurras, grace broadcast. Boutang had left out some ornaments, but he had remained faithful to dogma. He knew, Maurras also, that the dogma is life, that the dogma has nothing to do, nothing to feel, the definition we want to give him today. The dogma honors. It still gives some sense of what no longer has. Maurras is a tradition. Like his way of saying : "I'm Romain, I am alive ". It is not round, it is not smooth, he does not think as a university rite, it is full of bumps and turbulence : Charles Maurras escapes what it is to be. It has continued to struggle for unity, the unit has always been a common thread. It was necessary unity against anarchy. As the person unites the roughness of a man, as the poet unites the rough edges of his verses, King allowed to live anarchy. The more an anarchy. Once a unit is made loupiotte see, this idealistic tanking. "I'm Romain, I am alive ". Maurras can have no heirs, because there is only heir to the crown of France. He has no heirs, especially not those who would rely. He left a legacy, infinite and summary, rough and affectionate, imperfect and creamy. He left us a living legacy ; a legacy so alive that it is often more alive than his heirs.

Charles Maurras : the master and the action of Olivier Dard. Editions Armand Collin.
At the school of the French Action of François Huguenin. Edtions Jean-Claude Lattes.

  1. Natural policy integral nationalism. Editions Vrin
  2. Read and reread its exciting "Political History of the Young Right", Edition Harmattan, retracing the golden pre-war generation called the Young Right
  3. Sébastien has written many books on Eastern Christians as the beautiful Praise the trip, the footsteps of Arthur Rimbaud. It is also a producer on the show France Culture Eastern Christians.
  4. I take this opportunity to pay tribute to Georges Mathieu, I did not when he died. I remember long discussions about our sensitivity for hours on the phone. Late appeals Georges Mathieu populated my life, our lively discussions about the passing of time as. I will always keep in mind, Mathieu thanking me moist eye for giving him tribune, renaissance of sorts in his mind, French in Action.

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