A history of French Action

Maurras-et-comte-de-Parisreplicas is a unique program in the French intellectual landscape. Alain Finkielkraut will refuse almost any theme and it is only in this way. In the emission of 7 February 2015, Alain Finkielkraut proposed theme "Charles Maurras and his heirs". I expected this show forward, first because Maurras has no place in the French intellectual landscape since the war, then because I must admit : Maurras and I related party. I had the chance to read before Maurras 20 years in the mid 80. A carefree time. The Natural policy1 became a favorite book. Royalism word was whispered by my mother always, but with modesty at all times, with a protective modesty : we were living in public housing, petitement, and balance my mother had wrought was to remain the cement of our family. This balance Caulking under modesty that kept overflowing cover up what we were intimately. At least no disposals us be… intimately. With the discovery of Maurras, political word became something other than nostalgia. with Mauras, this word was taking shape, gave meaning to life. I discovered Maurras with Boutang with Bernanos. The three will change my life. Everything seems linked with time. As I met with Jean Pierre Pujo Sévillia with Patrice de Plunkett. The order does not matter. The order and grace are linked, and Maurras had understood.

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The meeting of Peguy and Lonsdale – Between heaven and earth

Between heaven and earth

It is a marvel to which invites us the show with Michael Lonsdale Between heaven and earth. a delight. Such nuggets always deserve grants them instead. We must make room in uproar, in a heavy heart, in life that we dream and forget to live. Live every moment, live in the awareness of life. It's so hard. It is also the first step on the path of love felted.

Pierre Fesquet, who co-starred with Michael Lonsdale, created a poetic montage from the book Between heaven and earth, the book that Michael Lonsdale devoted to Charles Peguy. Lonsdale is a business writer, the beauty of cantor, as important as his acting activity. Lonsdale flourishes in the word of God. One can say that he does an artistic apostolate and there is something sufficiently unusual in the contemporary world of culture to be it noted… and encouraged and praised.

By listening to the beautiful voice of Michael Lonsdale, but also observing Pierre Fesquet that mingles with reading, increases it by his enthusiasm, his generosity and above all, above all, ingenuity, the show provides an opportunity to enter the world of Peguy. But I could say otherwise. I could tell that by letting in the metaphysics of Michael Lonsdale, bewitchment of language Peguy torments us. Leaving us surprised by Pierre's way of alpaguer we Fesquet, to force us to wrestle with the text and its permanent surprise, we appropriate every word of Peguy, but perhaps most important, we feel the wind blow in our ears, wood shavings fall to the ground, bullets whistle nearby, Hope we take the hand and the Virgin Mary to encourage us to docility. Grace is there just waiting for our conversion, and this spectacle participates in a beautiful way.
This is the Pocket Theatre. And this is not trivial. In this tiny room, we are at our home to accommodate a divine message.

extension of 29 March 19 avril. Please note that extension is at 19h and 21h, not as the first presentation of this poetic show.

Pocket Theatre – Montparnasse
75 Bd du Montparnasse, 75006 Paris
Reservations : 01 45 44 50 21
Monday, mardi, Thursday and Friday from 14h to 18h
Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 11h to 18h

The bar pocket offers light meals and wine selection before and after each show.