Louis-René de Forest Update

By this rainy Sunday, rereading the notes in the margins of wonderfulOstinato, this nugget in the middle nuggets:

Do not veil our faces with our hands. There is more place to worship, no act of glory nor intelligence to absolve a world seduced by force extending throughout her uncleanness, and that will sharply raised its ruins as it refuses fault with the sly smile Business.

News of Hyppolite Taine

It is a pedant, pedant is hollow and inflated mind that because it is full of words feels full of ideas, enjoys his sentences and deceives himself to dictate to others. It is a hypocrite who feels sincere, a Cain who thinks Abel.


In this brain shrinks, delivered to abstraction, and accustomed to park the men into two categories under conflicting labels, whoever is not with him in the right compartment is against him in the wrong, and in the wrong compartment between the factions of all flags and rogues of all of grated, intelligence is natural. […] Everything is corrupt aristocrat and all corrupt man aristocrat.


The left that is born with the Revolution shows a totalitarianism, if sometimes latent, is not less always present ; it is based on hatred of what does not think like it.

Hyppolite Taine in his Origins of Contemporary France thus described Robespierre. But if instead of Robespierre, we put Holland, Valls, or worse Taubira, This portrait would like a glove. Especially as pedant is masculine, he places so everybody before an equal footing, this concept so dear to these… cuistres.