By the yardstick of values

The authority has lost its credentials along with humility. The authority has become synonymous with implacable order, thoughtlessly strength, tyranny. What inversion of values ! While the authority according Antigone prevent tyranny ! The modern age has the impression of authority because it was trodden down by men who used it ; when we used the authority. But she has the authority was damaged by the disastrous experiences ? A value can not be damaged by a man. The loyalty extends beyond St. Peter without his being able. Fidelity unfolds over the betrayal because it encompasses. The fidelity is affirmed in betrayal. Betrayal does not in any sense otherwise it his own satisfaction. Any value also said the indecision and uncertainty in the man. Any value is a guardian and shelter. No need to choose, the value fits our weakness since it precedes our uncertainties. The modern world confuses the authority and power by making them wear the same wounds and the same penalties. We had to remove God from everything. Neither ancient nor contemporary would understand, but it did not matter, they counted for nothing now. If ever God was not leaving, should kill. The twentieth century has wanted time to the death of God. It kills the death of his idea. It will especially created a new anthropology based on suicide.

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