Hannah Arendt on the functionalism of Social Sciences

I do not believe that atheism is a substitute or to fulfill the same function as religion, nor do I believe that violence can become a substitute for authority. But if we follow the exhortations of conservatives, at the moment, have a pretty good chance to be heard, I am quite convinced that we will have no difficulty in producing such substitutes, we will use violence and pretend to have restored authority or that our rediscovery of the functional usefulness of religion will produce an ersatz religion - as if our civilization was not sufficiently cluttered with all kinds of nicks and things of things lacking sense.

Spectacle "But always come back time ..." – 2th Regiment Etranger d & rsquo; Infantry (1991)

Spectacle "But always come back time… "- 2nd Foreign Infantry Regiment (1991) from Emmanuel Di Rossetti sure Vimeo.

The 31 August 1991, 2nd Infantry Regiment celebrated abroad in exceptional cinéscénie its 150th anniversary, the Battle ofEl Moungar and return of the Daguet operation, the first Gulf War. 30 000 nîmois spectators attend this event which began the day with the legionaries dressed in authentic costumes themselves in circumstances and decorations from different eras, and will continue into the night with the actual show played by François Gamard, Jerome Paulmier and Richard Bohringer1 in front of the stage Costieres (180 meters from scene!).

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Pius X to the beatification of Jeanne d & rsquo; Arc

The 13 December 1908, the beatification of Joan of Arc, Pie X prononçait ces paroles qui restent dans les mémoires :

"You say the French do their wills treasure of Saint-Rémy, Charlemagne and St. Louis that are summed up in these words so often repeated by the heroine of Orleans : Long live Christ who is king of France ! As only France is great among the nations. To this clause, God will protect and be free and glorious. In this condition, can be applied to him what in the holy books is said to Israel that no one who met otherwise insulted the people when it is from God. »

Antigone, rebellious and intimate (4/7. Freedom)


Antigone did not take life at dusk. Antigone born with dawn. It's at daybreak, Antigone becomes anti which means in front of and not against. The reflux of the Argos army, Antigone fate of & rsquo; shadow where she could live her life, not to solve the & rsquo; riddle of the sphinx like his father, not to solve the riddle of life stages, but to fill the space between each. Oedipus it is torn skin, nails, phalanges. Twilight describes an uncertain state as well as evening morning. Antigone point with the day, with & rsquo; dawn, when freedom comes to life, and therefore body.

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