Blanc Saint Bonnet on contemporary France

In 1851, Blanc Saint Bonnet said :

Quand les hommes perdent de vue les nécessités morales, God brings out the light of the requirements of another order. If faith is not received by the ear, it we will be taught by hunger. Christianity constitute the modern society where will shatter. Economic facts, before long, will bare the truths. Your laws have all recognized, all dedicated and all administered ; human resources will all employees : ever larger army, ever more comprehensive legislation, ever more powerful administration ; so, reached the end of secondary causes, you will come against you break the first cause ! It will not be the unknown doctrine we hear, it will not be the conscience that cry unheeded. Les faits parleront leur grande voix. The truth will leave the heights of speech ; it will enter the bread we eat, blood we live ; the light will fire. The men will be between truth and death ... will they have the spirit to choose ?