Desire for recognition

La perte de toute reconnaissance à l’époque moderne mêlée à l’individualisme forcené pousse chacun à envier avec appétence toute forme de reconnaissance. Chacun rêve d’un moment de gloire, la forme médiatique étant la plus recherchée qu’elle passe par la télévision ou par les réseaux sociaux, car apparaissant comme une forme de reconnaissance ultime ; la forme en miroir, je suis admiré et j’admire être admiré. L’éphémère règne en condition absolue, cette immédiateté inquiète, car elle interdit le recueillement, l’intime, la vie intérieure en les remplaçant par le vacarme étouffant, la foule procureure, l’indécence perverse.

What does being above ground ?

The most illuminating example about human nature is in the New Testament when Peter and Jesus Christ speak together and Peter urges his master he believes his devotion quite sincere. So, Jesus told him that the rooster will not sung he will deny three times. The first place where every man is talking about it : weakness. Consideration of the limits of each, not always to solve it, but also to overcome, forced to reason from what one is and not from what is believed to be. Any man who does not know his weaknesses, who forget, that does not take into account is above ground as we got used to say today. Aboveground meaning that one is nourished by a pasture that is not ours, we deny his pasture grazing to find any other than his best, because other. Aboveground also means that the comments received could be obtained anywhere else in the world without this problem, About these rootless, translatable into any language and exportable as a "framework" computer. The phrase "above ground" forbidden to answer the question "where do you speak ? "And the first formula loves to ridicule the second as an identity or" extreme right ". By dint of trying to dodge the issue, it was destroyed. In the future it will not be possible to ask where it comes, because we have reached such a level of abstraction and uprooting that this issue will be even more sense.