Diversity (suite)

… Sounge i felibre esteba… I think of Félibres… It is characteristic of good craftsmen Miscellaneous, but to return the well end for end. Would it ever reached ? This is the ruin, the death. It is always reborn : back suddenly, when in front tends her arms.

However, over there, Boissiere wrote : the Buddha, Cemetery Annam, etc.

In 96, a year before his death, admirable to exotic countdown :

Today, tired of waiting for the kiss of the Sirens - My Flesh tired returns to hometown - where the echo of the world still fascinates me…

Over there, wandering, smoke writhe : They are former desires, old sins that burn… .

Victor Segalen, Test for the exotic, An aesthetic of Miscellaneous, Editions Fata Morgana.

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