Spectacle "But always come back time ..." – 2th Regiment Etranger d & rsquo; Infantry (1991)

Spectacle "But always come back time… "- 2nd Foreign Infantry Regiment (1991) from Emmanuel Di Rossetti sure Vimeo.

The 31 August 1991, 2nd Infantry Regiment celebrated abroad in exceptional cinéscénie its 150th anniversary, the Battle ofEl Moungar and return of the Daguet operation, the first Gulf War. 30 000 nîmois spectators attend this event which began the day with the legionaries dressed in authentic costumes themselves in circumstances and decorations from different eras, and will continue into the night with the actual show played by François Gamard, Jerome Paulmier and Richard Bohringer1 in front of the stage Costieres (180 meters from scene!).

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The will or the will

Antigone knows that man does not believe in his will alone. Again it comes to power that swells its luster. The will is perverted, it corrupts, withers and boasts. The will, or the will that often accompanies, invests the space from the oblivion of a higher power, l & rsquo; authority. All those who act in politics without reference to a higher power go astray. It is a lesson of Antigone, one of the laws that regilds forgotten by Creon and reminds.

The time has not come for governments to last

The future Pius IX, still Cardinal, match Napoleon III, says : « Sire, when great political as your Majesty objected to me that the time has not come, I have only to bow because I'm not a big political. But I am a bishop, and I answer them as bishop : the time has not come for Jesus Christ to reign ? Well ! So the time has not come for governments to last. »

Diversity (suite)

… Sounge i felibre esteba… I think of Félibres… It is characteristic of good craftsmen Miscellaneous, but to return the well end for end. Would it ever reached ? This is the ruin, the death. It is always reborn : back suddenly, when in front tends her arms.

However, over there, Boissiere wrote : the Buddha, Cemetery Annam, etc.

In 96, a year before his death, admirable to exotic countdown :

Today, tired of waiting for the kiss of the Sirens - My Flesh tired returns to hometown - where the echo of the world still fascinates me…

Over there, wandering, smoke writhe : They are former desires, old sins that burn… .

Victor Segalen, Test for the exotic, An aesthetic of Miscellaneous, Editions Fata Morgana.


I do not know, if like me, hear the word diversity (which replaced the word Other) provokes you start nausea. Victor Segalen is an author who acts as a remedy for this up-the-heart.

Beautiful example Jules Boissiere who, provençale, félibre, wrote his best to félibriens in Hanoi.

Here the diversity, which plunges itself to accommodate another. political discourse that only the word the diversity mouth grow a great void before them and agitate with the more daring they try to persuade and convince, but they lost consciousness they denature and violent whenever they mention the name.

It is possible to speak of diversity in being self-listening, its inmost. That's what being sensitive to various. Those who gorge themselves without various accomplish this effort are simply disguised internationalist.

Victor Segalen, Test for the exotic, an aesthetic of various. Editions Fata Morgana.

Please craftsman

monastic prayer of the twelfth century
Teach me, Lord, to make good use of the time that you give me to work…
Teach me to unite in haste and slow, serenity and fervor, zeal and peace. Help me from the book. Help me in the heart of toil… And especially yourself corrects gaps of my work : Lord, throughout labor of my hands leaves Thee grace to tell others and a failure to me to talk myself.

Guard me hope for perfection, otherwise I would lose heart. Keep me in the impotence of perfection, otherwise I would lose pride…

Lord, never let me forget that all work is empty except where there is love…

Lord, Teach me to pray with my hands, my arms and all my strength. Remind me that the work of my hands belongs to you and it is up to me to make you in the giving… What if I am to please others, as the flower of grass I fanerai evening. But if I do it for the love of good, I will dwell in the well. And the time to do good and your glory, is immediately.


Antigone, rebellious and intimate (7/7. love)

7th and final part: love

The desire of Antigone's family, she will not let her brother unburied; Créon, his, wants to assert itself as king and shows its power. Antigone favors family ties who embody love and reveal a be. Creon sits his power by signing an act of law must establish its authority. The same word characterizes their action: desire. But desire does not recognize the desire in the other, we could believe, especially if one is trying to flatter the desire for himself, that desire any desire he meets knights. Between Creon and Antigone, it is the measure of desires that counts. Face to face, Antigone and Creon will increase the extent of their desires adversity they encounter. But the source of the desire of Antigone is it still understandable today? Indeed, the desire of Antigone, this desire that is based on justice, justice done and visited the remains of his brother and the gods, This desire makes sense, because it is community, it is part of a city and a family, reduced vision of the city, and a belief, Antigone leans to the gods to challenge Creon. Antigone does not express a personal desire, defends an eternal law, she defends her duty to tell, to proclaim the front of any power that would think over it. Since when do we hear most anyone themselves up in public places to proclaim his duty cost him his life? The worst? We got used to the silence, this resignation, transcendental laws do not tell us much left, So nothing comes overhang and thus correct the laws that pass before us and surround us like rubbish in a stream of water. Communities that strengthened the individual within a space that protected him and allowed him to grow were shattered. The individual now looks like a crazy electron that can be built as wind gusts that exhaust and catch you off guard and the ever fade to taste the meaning of his life. Social life is based on the law and the only right, but in a place without geography composed of people above ground all rights are equal and crush in a heinous mess. Creon has the power. Antigone is the daughter of Oedipus. At a time when it is no more than having, to own, to acquire, Antigone weighs - since we must assess - little. The methodical destruction of all metaphysics amounts to a crime against humanity. Perhaps the greatest the world has known. Since a click, I can acquire all I have no need to know my desire to satiate. It is also understood that this individual desire that nothing protects his appetite accepts no limits, especially not the one posed by others; then comes in envy, misguided desire, defile.

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