Antigone, rebellious and intimate (7/7. love)

7th and final part: love

The desire of Antigone's family, she will not let her brother unburied; Créon, his, wants to assert itself as king and shows its power. Antigone favors family ties who embody love and reveal a be. Creon sits his power by signing an act of law must establish its authority. The same word characterizes their action: desire. But desire does not recognize the desire in the other, we could believe, especially if one is trying to flatter the desire for himself, that desire any desire he meets knights. Between Creon and Antigone, it is the measure of desires that counts. Face to face, Antigone and Creon will increase the extent of their desires adversity they encounter. But the source of the desire of Antigone is it still understandable today? Indeed, the desire of Antigone, this desire that is based on justice, justice done and visited the remains of his brother and the gods, This desire makes sense, because it is community, it is part of a city and a family, reduced vision of the city, and a belief, Antigone leans to the gods to challenge Creon. Antigone does not express a personal desire, defends an eternal law, she defends her duty to tell, to proclaim the front of any power that would think over it. Since when do we hear most anyone themselves up in public places to proclaim his duty cost him his life? The worst? We got used to the silence, this resignation, transcendental laws do not tell us much left, So nothing comes overhang and thus correct the laws that pass before us and surround us like rubbish in a stream of water. Communities that strengthened the individual within a space that protected him and allowed him to grow were shattered. The individual now looks like a crazy electron that can be built as wind gusts that exhaust and catch you off guard and the ever fade to taste the meaning of his life. Social life is based on the law and the only right, but in a place without geography composed of people above ground all rights are equal and crush in a heinous mess. Creon has the power. Antigone is the daughter of Oedipus. At a time when it is no more than having, to own, to acquire, Antigone weighs - since we must assess - little. The methodical destruction of all metaphysics amounts to a crime against humanity. Perhaps the greatest the world has known. Since a click, I can acquire all I have no need to know my desire to satiate. It is also understood that this individual desire that nothing protects his appetite accepts no limits, especially not the one posed by others; then comes in envy, misguided desire, defile.

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Spectacle "But always come back time ..." – 2th Regiment Etranger d & rsquo; Infantry (1991)

Spectacle "But always come back time… "- 2nd Foreign Infantry Regiment (1991) from Emmanuel Di Rossetti sure Vimeo.

The 31 August 1991, 2nd Infantry Regiment celebrated abroad in exceptional cinéscénie its 150th anniversary, the Battle ofEl Moungar and return of the Daguet operation, the first Gulf War. 30 000 nîmois spectators attend this event which began the day with the legionaries dressed in authentic costumes themselves in circumstances and decorations from different eras, and will continue into the night with the actual show played by François Gamard, Jerome Paulmier and Richard Bohringer1 in front of the stage Costieres (180 meters from scene!).

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Transform the idea into feeling

Max Jacob to a student :

Meditation is not about having ideas, on the contrary ! it is to have a, to turn into feeling, in conviction. A meditation is good when it leads to a YES, uttered by the whole body, a cry from the heart : joy or pain ! by a tear or a laugh. Just try to meditate on this : God s & rsquo; made man. Repeat this by yourself up & rsquo; to arrive at the conviction. Whatever the images that appear, image of Christ or child or young man or crucified. regardless. Repeat knees : God s & rsquo; is made-man ! For how long ? It depends on your ability. There are good meditations ten minutes and bad that last one hour. in short, you collecting twice a day at least.

I'm not talking to you & rsquo; prayer, contemplation, d & rsquo; first because I n & rsquo; there hear not much, then because I do not want to make you a mystic, but only one man.

Antigone, rebellious and intimate (6/7. The vocation)


That stories about identity! The word does not appear in either the Greek epic nor in tragedy. The identity at the time of Antigone leans on the line and belonging to a city. Identity is permeated rooting. The family and the city gathered in a virtual standard in full what the other had to know of itself during a first meeting. During antiquity, nobody protested his identity nor promulgated the, and no one decided his identity. He was not putting on a costume. The men were within their identity. The identity was akin to a load, we had to be worthy. She ruled the being and becoming. The modern age has made it a challenge, because it transformed the identity have, a sort of accomplishment that you can dress up or divest. In its modern fantasy to believe that we can choose everything all the time, modern times replaced with implacable method being by having. Yet this logic, this ideology has its limits: some things can be acquired, among them: otherness. Live his identity, be what one is, place his name, allow privacy and therefore the knowledge and deepening of his being, these are the prerequisites for a meeting with the other. The first difference between Creon and Antigone is located at that location, the land on which is built the fight, Antigone preserves embedded in it that gift of old, gods, these roots that defines the authority to which it leans to stand up to this man, son parent, the king, who marries the power of will and is blinded by it to not hear his own voice, its echo. Continue reading “Antigone, rebellious and intimate (6/7. The vocation)”

By the yardstick of values

The authority has lost its credentials along with humility. The authority has become synonymous with implacable order, thoughtlessly strength, tyranny. What inversion of values ! While the authority according Antigone prevent tyranny ! The modern age has the impression of authority because it was trodden down by men who used it ; when we used the authority. But she has the authority was damaged by the disastrous experiences ? A value can not be damaged by a man. The loyalty extends beyond St. Peter without his being able. Fidelity unfolds over the betrayal because it encompasses. The fidelity is affirmed in betrayal. Betrayal does not in any sense otherwise it his own satisfaction. Any value also said the indecision and uncertainty in the man. Any value is a guardian and shelter. No need to choose, the value fits our weakness since it precedes our uncertainties. The modern world confuses the authority and power by making them wear the same wounds and the same penalties. We had to remove God from everything. Neither ancient nor contemporary would understand, but it did not matter, they counted for nothing now. If ever God was not leaving, should kill. The twentieth century has wanted time to the death of God. It kills the death of his idea. It will especially created a new anthropology based on suicide.

Unamuno on his quest quichottiste

My work – I would say my mission – is to break the faith of each other, and even a third party : faith in affirmation, the faith in denial and faith in abstention ; and that through faith in faith itself. Is to fight those who are resigned, either to Catholicism, either to agnosticism. This is to ensure that all live anxious and oppressed.

Will it be effective ? But is that Don Quixote believed in the immediate effectiveness, apparentielle, his work ? It is very doubtful…