Please craftsman

monastic prayer of the twelfth century
Teach me, Lord, to make good use of the time that you give me to work…
Teach me to unite in haste and slow, serenity and fervor, zeal and peace. Help me from the book. Help me in the heart of toil… And especially yourself corrects gaps of my work : Lord, throughout labor of my hands leaves Thee grace to tell others and a failure to me to talk myself.

Guard me hope for perfection, otherwise I would lose heart. Keep me in the impotence of perfection, otherwise I would lose pride…

Lord, never let me forget that all work is empty except where there is love…

Lord, Teach me to pray with my hands, my arms and all my strength. Remind me that the work of my hands belongs to you and it is up to me to make you in the giving… What if I am to please others, as the flower of grass I fanerai evening. But if I do it for the love of good, I will dwell in the well. And the time to do good and your glory, is immediately.


Bismarck against France and Catholicism

Bismarck wrote to Count von Arnim, the 11 November 1871 :

We must desire the maintenance of the republic in France for a final result that is most. Monarchical France was and will always be Catholic. His policy gave him great influence in Europe, in the East and even in the Far East. One way to counteract its influence in favor of ours, this is to lower the Catholicism and the papacy who is the head. If we can achieve this goal, France is forever annihilated. The monarchy hinder us in this attempt. The radical republic will help us. I undertake against the Catholic Church a war that will be long and perhaps terrible. Be accused of persecution. But it is necessary to lower France and establish our religious and diplomatic supremacy as our military supremacy.

Antigone, rebellious and intimate (6/7. The vocation)


That stories about identity! The word does not appear in either the Greek epic nor in tragedy. The identity at the time of Antigone leans on the line and belonging to a city. Identity is permeated rooting. The family and the city gathered in a virtual standard in full what the other had to know of itself during a first meeting. During antiquity, nobody protested his identity nor promulgated the, and no one decided his identity. He was not putting on a costume. The men were within their identity. The identity was akin to a load, we had to be worthy. She ruled the being and becoming. The modern age has made it a challenge, because it transformed the identity have, a sort of accomplishment that you can dress up or divest. In its modern fantasy to believe that we can choose everything all the time, modern times replaced with implacable method being by having. Yet this logic, this ideology has its limits: some things can be acquired, among them: otherness. Live his identity, be what one is, place his name, allow privacy and therefore the knowledge and deepening of his being, these are the prerequisites for a meeting with the other. The first difference between Creon and Antigone is located at that location, the land on which is built the fight, Antigone preserves embedded in it that gift of old, gods, these roots that defines the authority to which it leans to stand up to this man, son parent, the king, who marries the power of will and is blinded by it to not hear his own voice, its echo. Continue reading “Antigone, rebellious and intimate (6/7. The vocation)”

By the yardstick of values

The authority has lost its credentials along with humility. The authority has become synonymous with implacable order, thoughtlessly strength, tyranny. What inversion of values ! While the authority according Antigone prevent tyranny ! The modern age has the impression of authority because it was trodden down by men who used it ; when we used the authority. But she has the authority was damaged by the disastrous experiences ? A value can not be damaged by a man. The loyalty extends beyond St. Peter without his being able. Fidelity unfolds over the betrayal because it encompasses. The fidelity is affirmed in betrayal. Betrayal does not in any sense otherwise it his own satisfaction. Any value also said the indecision and uncertainty in the man. Any value is a guardian and shelter. No need to choose, the value fits our weakness since it precedes our uncertainties. The modern world confuses the authority and power by making them wear the same wounds and the same penalties. We had to remove God from everything. Neither ancient nor contemporary would understand, but it did not matter, they counted for nothing now. If ever God was not leaving, should kill. The twentieth century has wanted time to the death of God. It kills the death of his idea. It will especially created a new anthropology based on suicide.

Novena for France

What a great initiative ! A Novena for France. A novena to say our love of the Virgin Mary and ask her to watch with all the saints of our beautiful country. It is useless to belch on social networks or on the Internet or even in the street, it is useless to belch if we do not ask the intercession of our Most Holy Mary for our country. If we do not do, if this prayer effort we are not intimate and binding, so we did that make France. We gobergeons us words. Intercession of the Holy Virgin is the means to receive enough grace to hope that the future of our country is worthy of its past. Never believe that our future lies in the wrath, the bustle, the sleeve effects, what we do, good or bad, the future also belongs, first of all, our prayer. Do we ever think sufficient. The acceptance of our weakness, our lack, precisely the failure of our strength and our willingness proves that the divine intercession is mandatory. This acceptance marks our entry into the novena ! Without knowing, docility related to acceptance, the "compliance" of our soul, allows us to enter this novena. Let us be guided when the Lord has a deep desire : he lead his small flock. Docility is the fruit of tenderness…

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L & rsquo; humanity of Cheyenne Carron - Reflections on the film The Apostle

The film The Apostle Cheyenne-Marie Carron
The film The Apostle Cheyenne-Marie Carron

What amazed me invaded a recent morning listening to the voice of a young woman auscultated by Louis Daufresne his show, The Great Witness, Radio Notre Dame. I would learn that this young woman named Cheyenne Carron. Christian, She made a film, The Apostle1, the story of a Muslim touched by grace who decides to convert to Catholicism and must suffer the indignities of his relatives.

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Which saints to turn ?

Devil - Orvietto

The Maciel case requires us to ask the question of Evil. Our time prevents rubbing it. What do we know of the work of the devil and what can we do to protect ourselves ? After attempting to overshadow the good of life, is it any wonder that evil shows itself in the open ? The works of the devil are endless, but the & rsquo; Holy Spirit can all, including transforming.

You had to have the eloquence of the favorite writer of the Pope1 to affirm : "There is only sadness, that not to be holy ". This heady question of holiness always comes as a season that does not pass. There are many things we can get rid, but never the question of holiness in part. It is consubstantial with us. As soon as we see or seeing something just or unjust, something under the good or evil, we walk on the path of holiness. Whether to it or against it. It takes a long time to realize how the issue of holiness is we consubstantial. We are holy, we are a temple, we left the church that is holy, we are in the image of God who is holy, and yet we ébrouons, we are falling, we struggle, we strive… So little results for so many promises. This is the holy condition application amount of effort and gives few visible results.
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News of humility

Human vision of humility is the image of the human vision of love, scaled down. Humility must exercise his teaching at all times and in all places. Humility does not accept that we choose whether to practice. Humility and application availability infinite and endless vigilance. She asks, a term that has almost disappeared from our modern language, docility. Docility has long been the cornerstone of education. Docility locked and guided the will by forcing her to be applied with discernment and to the cause of life. The character of obedience requires a hard drive, as humility. Docility is the lieutenant of humility. It is also his stewardship, which is not incompatible with the rank of junior officer.

Docility is often the first step to access availability and vigilance. be docile forces to be alert. be docile makes life so much. be docile today is the first reaction to the dictatorship of the modern world. Because that docility prevents claim and condemns narcissism. It is not picture how the docility can accomplish great things.

To access humility, must deny the ego. What echo can such sentences have in our time ? Deny the ego ? Or, consider the ego to better humiliate ? What madness ? How to say in our time being humbled is the safest way to humility ? I remember Dolto studies on this topic. Far from the image conveyed by his sycophants on Dolto. Dolto praising some forms of humiliation to achieve a state of "higher", a state where being detaches from its image ; where being dominated and secures its image. And of course, Dolto praised this form of education for children. What was the dunce cap ? What was the corner ? These practices of another age as it looks today, Were not primarily an opportunity for the child to repent, and, repent against other ? There is no humiliation experienced in solitude. The ego subsides when he confronts privacy.
"I thank God that I never had, because of my science, the top of my master chair, at no time in my professorial activity, vain pride movement that has raised my soul from the humility seat. "The surest way to holiness, that is to say, the surest path to the state that we are required by God, is humility. The one who speaks these words in his life showed a natural humility. One day of the year 1257, while his celebrity might swell with pride, St. Thomas Aquinas, So brother Thomas, is visiting a monastery in Bologna. It makes a few services. He does not hesitate to do all kinds of tasks. He is available ; there is a liberation of the soul to be available, to bathe in docility. A religious passage in the monastery seen and ordered him to follow. "The prior request you to follow me". Brother Thomas runs. It harnesses religious affairs, some in the cart he starts hanging, the rest on his back. Brother Thomas is good constitution, but the load turns out well though heavy. This task. The Prior said : "Take the first brother will find you". Brother Thomas appeared in religious as the right person to help. Religious pressed, he scolds brother Thomas who barely any wear and advance at a safe speed. Brother Thomas shows docility in the effort, but it also shows great docility face of religious criticism. In the city, the religious scene rabrouant brother is comedian. People make fun of this caravan on its way. But suddenly, a murmur runs through the crowd. It spreads like wildfire. The whisper is a name. A bourgeois lunges educate the religious. The brother is that you abuse the… Religious stiffened a little more, if it was possible. He dares not return. He does not dare to face his victim. The brother of Thomas shade overlooking, but that shadow does not make sense, brother Thomas overlooks person by his shadow. Brother Thomas is smiling at the rear, almost placid, he had time to draw breath. The religious approaches him and asks him to forgive her, he continues to shake the air with his arms, but this time to create an intimacy with brother Thomas, when previously he had been constantly ostensibly show the gap between him and this small requirement brother. He approaches him, shoulder touch him, everyone can see that there is no animosity between them, he breathes rather a form of collusion between them. brother Thomas, nothing dupe, actor of all, responds to the religious who had slipped him he should have declared his identity, and instruct its quality, there was no question of disobeying the prior. As the crowd kept murmuring against religious, brother Thomas claimed he was there voluntarily, he accepted the charge without grumbling, there was there no reason to take against anyone, that obedience was the sine qua non of faith. Obey his prior, obey love for God. Nothing that costs way out of this ; the way of God's love.
The love of God makes sense in the obedience of man. That man come to depart from this soft law and nothing exists that the modern world. without docility, without humility. Without love.

Extract of The Holy Mass, here, today and tomorrow, Quote Dominique Ponnau, Director of the Ecole du Louvre, Lecture at Le Mans, the 19 September 1998.

“I remember. Remember this is for me a cultural and human reference almost daily. That was in June 1985, in Pont-à-Mousson, at the end of the conference “Music in the Church today”. Maurice Fleuret - peace be his soul -, the magnificent director of music and dance Minister Jack Lang, a friend of Pierre Mauroy, the leftist, the enlightened developer determined to contemporary music, spake. Word of fire. De supplication ; we can say, since he himself begged. I quote sensibly, but that word I've never forgotten : it is him. Citing what Western music, from the beginning until today, was the Church, the liturgy of the Church, that was the music of the church music of Monteverdi, Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Stravinsky, Messiaen : all. A liturgical music of the Church, Western music was all, he said. And himself, Maurice Fleuret, musician in his own life, music of the Church, that he had ? All. He had it all, he said. And this western music that owed everything to the Church, the liturgy of the Church, that she had to Gregorian chant ? All, he said. Gregorian chant, all Western music, he said, was all. But the spirit of Gregorian chant, he said, that spirit which he could not imagine that he cease to blow, where he breathed ? In the liturgy, he said. And that's when he begged the Church… : I beg you, if he exclaimed, for the present church, do not let the state monopoly of Gregorian chant. It is for the liturgy. And it is in the liturgy that we must practice.”

Christian witness – 2

When j & rsquo; I started this blog, quickly m & rsquo; s came & rsquo; d & rsquo idea; write on the Liturgy. Not to claim a specialist status, but to share my experience of what is the heart of the Christian life. There were two roads which were to merge : We had to tell the Mass (and its benefits), and then entrust the path that the & rsquo; had revealed.

Part 2 : Christianity, King of communities – At the foot of the altar

When I lived in London, the thought of spirituality has not stopped me live. My quest was limited to the ongoing search for the inner life. This heart that beats, throbbing could be only flesh and blood. This was my intuition. Twenty-five years later, it is a certainty that inhabits me : do not let this heart beat and throb without giving it enough time, attention and affection. Non-stop, seek to deepen the mystery surrounding. All that prevents this dialogue, anything that interferes with this binding, causes my deepest contempt. This burning intimacy perfect enemies hatched by the modern world, enemies like sectarianism and syncretism.

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