Spectacle "But always come back time ..." – 2th Regiment Etranger d & rsquo; Infantry (1991)

Spectacle "But always come back time… "- 2nd Foreign Infantry Regiment (1991) from Emmanuel Di Rossetti sure Vimeo.

The 31 August 1991, 2nd Infantry Regiment celebrated abroad in exceptional cinéscénie its 150th anniversary, the Battle ofEl Moungar and return of the Daguet operation, the first Gulf War. 30 000 nîmois spectators attend this event which began the day with the legionaries dressed in authentic costumes themselves in circumstances and decorations from different eras, and will continue into the night with the actual show played by François Gamard, Jerome Paulmier and Richard Bohringer1 in front of the stage Costieres (180 meters from scene!).

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A history of French Action

Maurras-et-comte-de-Parisreplicas is a unique program in the French intellectual landscape. Alain Finkielkraut will refuse almost any theme and it is only in this way. In the emission of 7 February 2015, Alain Finkielkraut proposed theme "Charles Maurras and his heirs". I expected this show forward, first because Maurras has no place in the French intellectual landscape since the war, then because I must admit : Maurras and I related party. I had the chance to read before Maurras 20 years in the mid 80. A carefree time. The Natural policy1 became a favorite book. Royalism word was whispered by my mother always, but with modesty at all times, with a protective modesty : we were living in public housing, petitement, and balance my mother had wrought was to remain the cement of our family. This balance Caulking under modesty that kept overflowing cover up what we were intimately. At least no disposals us be… intimately. With the discovery of Maurras, political word became something other than nostalgia. with Mauras, this word was taking shape, gave meaning to life. I discovered Maurras with Boutang with Bernanos. The three will change my life. Everything seems linked with time. As I met with Jean Pierre Pujo Sévillia with Patrice de Plunkett. The order does not matter. The order and grace are linked, and Maurras had understood.

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Memorial sentence

A friend contacted me to ask me the exact quote from Ernst Jünger (alleging’Storm of Steel) we liked to repeat between officers of the 2nd Infantry Regiment abroad. I sign on this blog as I remember that General Antoine Lecerf liked this quote and it fits like a glove :

It was given to us to live in the invisible rays of great feelings, this will remain our inestimable privilege.

And St. Anthony… (Death of General Antoine Lecerf)

Antoine is not. He left on Friday. The 22 avril 2011. He is in the Father's house. Antoine, it is Antoine Lecerf. Army Corps General Antoine Lecerf. A Warlord. A brilliant leader of men. One of the most extraordinary men I have known.

When you meet the first time Antoine Lecerf, there was this frank and firm handshake, but there was something else immediately ; something that was within the charisma. Antoine Lecerf have charmed snakes. He shook your hand and immediately there was a spell. He wanted to immediately know if you were with him, if you were prepared, if you adhere to his plan. Which project ? He had a new every five minutes. And he did not let fall. He thought quickly, but his friendship last long. He wanted to know if you were with him and he had a foolproof way to know : he shook your hand, he kept it, his face approached the your, he came to meet you, he wanted to know. He shook your hand, he kept it, her face was approaching and your wrinkled a little his left eyelid as to improve visual acuity, as to be sure of what he would see, what you were going to reveal him. Her pleated look, this penetrating gaze came for something. He was looking for that little flame. He wanted to know if you too were animated. Antoine Lecerf not only spawned animated people. Nothing interested more than whether you as you were, or even to a lesser degree if you could be (which was enough to satisfy the, because the potential was of particular value to him). Antoine Lecerf chose you. And nothing was less by chance.

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Howls of outrage Onfray

So Onfray read a book where we found the factory of Ernst Jünger ... Michel Vanoosthuyse: Fascism and pure literature. It reveals there - we always said the self-styled philosopher of sensuality - Jünger has always been fascist and he has spent years, a large part of its life, a half-century, to erase the traces of these fascist years. Who rubbed Ernst Jünger, even remotely, can only smile at these statements. Ernst Jünger Manufacturer's life for posterity is grotesque. Jünger has always been the antithesis of this Machiavellian character qu'Onfray believed flushed the turning of a book. I finally see that this book Mr. Vanoosthuyse appeared to Agone editions continues to make me smile, it was hoped that M.Vanoosthuyse spend more time to learn than done Jünger around his person a witch hunt. The back cover and singularly lack of inspiration as it ends up words: "That covers the entrance of an author fascist past in literature 'pure'. "Kesako? Jünger would be the sole author of Right (I summarize here the thought of these gentlemen left giving the fascist for a yes or a no) to make its debut in the literature ? What pure literature? A left literature? It starts badly for Agone editions from the back cover are not shown great editorial control…

About Onfray, it includes over section only one thing worries and in this light we could understand - it is freedom, the extraordinary freedom of Jünger at any age, at any time until his last days. Michel Onfray does not understand freedom of Jünger. While understanding nothing, he wants to hate. He wants to show that it is a subterfuge. Jünger and spent half a century in shaping the.

Because it must still it was the effort of a lifetime for Michel Onfray do have. It took this book to make itsmartened as he admits. One can only guffaw, Michel Onfray is a doer when he wants. And he takes us for pumpkins. Who will believe for one second he has ever loved Jünger ? If Onfray says love Jünger, is that swaggers. It is beautiful. the forhours. He means. I am. I think. Broadminded. ecumenism. Introspection. Critical mind. tolerance yet. tolerance always. Good conscience. eh yes, it is no more than that. Michel Onfray will spend several lives to erase the traces, it will be to exhume all the times he will pretend.

Too bad, Michel Onfray also can say some things not within his clan, of son camp, of his political family. He knows sometimes escape the net and recognize his adversaries honesty. But ii Always he indulges, it must always cowers, it therefore gives it mediates the exchange… So much mess. It is difficult to understand how Michel Onfray can find some interest in small book to loadMichel Vanoosthuyse… The impression given is equivalent to that of a beautiful shiny coat dog rolling in the mire.