afterword (Georges Mathieu)

If the “misfortunes of France are exemplary”, it will take thirty years to meet us last : the laxity of the conjugate right sectarianism of the left. we suffer, for nearly half a century, Terrorism a gangrenous intelligentsia successively by Marxism, Leninism, Maoism, socialism, Social Democracy, well calibrated capitalism, plus from the artistic terrorism that put at the heart of its creed subversion, provocation and ridiculous attempt to crush values ​​based on beauty. Until there is not a total reversal of the aims of our activities, As our leaders will insist to consider the economic expansion as a supreme goal instead of granting the primary concern of their concerns to the aesthetic dimension of our lives, there will be no true civilization.

afterword :

This postscript to my friend Georges Mathieu (1921-2012) in his book, The massacre of sensitivity published by Editions by Odilon Media 1996, never ceases to occur…

A history of French Action

Maurras-et-comte-de-Parisreplicas is a unique program in the French intellectual landscape. Alain Finkielkraut will refuse almost any theme and it is only in this way. In the emission of 7 February 2015, Alain Finkielkraut proposed theme "Charles Maurras and his heirs". I expected this show forward, first because Maurras has no place in the French intellectual landscape since the war, then because I must admit : Maurras and I related party. I had the chance to read before Maurras 20 years in the mid 80. A carefree time. The Natural policy1 became a favorite book. Royalism word was whispered by my mother always, but with modesty at all times, with a protective modesty : we were living in public housing, petitement, and balance my mother had wrought was to remain the cement of our family. This balance Caulking under modesty that kept overflowing cover up what we were intimately. At least no disposals us be… intimately. With the discovery of Maurras, political word became something other than nostalgia. with Mauras, this word was taking shape, gave meaning to life. I discovered Maurras with Boutang with Bernanos. The three will change my life. Everything seems linked with time. As I met with Jean Pierre Pujo Sévillia with Patrice de Plunkett. The order does not matter. The order and grace are linked, and Maurras had understood.

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