Extract of The Holy Mass, here, today and tomorrow, Quote Dominique Ponnau, Director of the Ecole du Louvre, Lecture at Le Mans, the 19 September 1998.

“I remember. Remember this is for me a cultural and human reference almost daily. That was in June 1985, in Pont-à-Mousson, at the end of the conference “Music in the Church today”. Maurice Fleuret - peace be his soul -, the magnificent director of music and dance Minister Jack Lang, a friend of Pierre Mauroy, the leftist, the enlightened developer determined to contemporary music, spake. Word of fire. De supplication ; we can say, since he himself begged. I quote sensibly, but that word I've never forgotten : it is him. Citing what Western music, from the beginning until today, was the Church, the liturgy of the Church, that was the music of the church music of Monteverdi, Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Stravinsky, Messiaen : all. A liturgical music of the Church, Western music was all, he said. And himself, Maurice Fleuret, musician in his own life, music of the Church, that he had ? All. He had it all, he said. And this western music that owed everything to the Church, the liturgy of the Church, that she had to Gregorian chant ? All, he said. Gregorian chant, all Western music, he said, was all. But the spirit of Gregorian chant, he said, that spirit which he could not imagine that he cease to blow, where he breathed ? In the liturgy, he said. And that's when he begged the Church… : I beg you, if he exclaimed, for the present church, do not let the state monopoly of Gregorian chant. It is for the liturgy. And it is in the liturgy that we must practice.”

Emmanuel Todd or intellectual vulgarity

Emmanuel Todd spent the other morning on France Culture to deliver us his good word. Emmanuel Todd is a prophet. It has the loquacity. He pretends, mostly. He did not honesty. Indeed, one can not be a prophet and ideologue.

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Hatred columnist

I titled this article hatred columnist. The French chronicler - because it is indeed an evil French - so he invents master of time, of the world, and especially how it goes. It's unbearable. Expurgez columnists and pluck the buds !

All these together form chroniclers nothing but a trade Café. With references.

Take, for example the opening of the antenna of France Culture morning. Since 30 years, I listen every morning France Culture. I am what is called an aficionado of France Culture. Culture Morning Jean Lebrun was part of my DNA. I loved until his politically correct partisanship and break out the great days of war with Yugoslavia. Fortunately, he left the ship he seemed to scuttle itself.

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