Heart of Darkness, life


After seeing "Tree of Life", I long forbidden me to write about this film. Two forces clashed in me. Captivated by poetry, the blissful state in which I was immersed, I was afraid to disturb the surface of this work. I got so wrapped up in the mystery of this film that I did not understand the negative reactions and was unable to think critically1. “Tree of Life” is based on a book of the Bible, “the Book of Job”. And this book dark about life and the relationship of man to God. What is present in many books of the Bible. But the Book of Job begins with a dialogue between God and Satan play man. The impression we get this inaugural dialogue is strange. Of course, the beginning of dialogue would not be quite the same time that the central story. Whatever actually, the impression left is represented in the book. How can God be playing his beloved creature ? A hasty conclusion reports the improbable situation. In truth, Once the bark removed, the Book of Job delivers the heart of the relationship between God and man. And “Tree of Life”, the film by Terrence Malick, has the same ambition.

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Sticky moralism of the West

It is always fun and instructive to realize the contradictions of his opponents. Comment, this modern society so proud of her freedom, its way of thinking about intimate things, this company sensuality (when it took care to confuse sensuality and pornography), emerged a prudish society, restrictive, voyeuristic and especially moralist (must reread the trial of Jean Marie Domenach : A morality without moralism). Where this Plenipotentiary modern society tries to confuse the moral of Catholicism as it portraitise archaic, it develops very quickly antibody as a moralism that feels good in judging the neighbor. It is the moral philistine. It is a trait of French character. But other European countries share with her.

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