Book Review on Japan

Je viens de finir de lire « Le Masque du Samourai », un essai de Aude Fieschi (Éditions Philippe Picquier). C’est un livre didactique, bien écrit, qui présente les différentes facettes du Samourai à travers le Moyen-Age japonais jusqu’à sa déchéance avec l’avènement du Japon moderne.

Oshio Heihachiro, Samurai Rebellion

To understand the actions of Ōshio Heihachirō, it should be understood that they are driven by character and by anti-revolutionaries will. Nothing in the attitude of Ōshio Heihachirō does not wish to question the established order. Oshio Heichachiro knows perfectible system, but also functional. What makes the system less efficient is more to men than the system itself.

Oshio's anger is directed toward men, to which corrupts the system.

Suggest that a worm in the fruit is the cause of all evils, this is the philosophy that has always accompanied our revolutions. Who wants to drown his dog accused of rabies…

There is a Western arrogance which believes that man is infallible. Western arrogance that has been and continues to be the essence of its anti-traditional character ; and is a breeding ground for the will always stand behind the egalitarian society.

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