Emotion at Notre Dame du Lys

This is a beautiful emotion that all assistance faithful of Our Lady of the Lily has felt this morning at Mass 11:15. A delegation of Iraqi Christians in Baghdad were present and an Iraqi priest was simple and touching words to witness the massacre last October in the Baghdad cathedral. The recall of facts by one of the witnesses of the carnage carried the meeting for a few seconds in deep meditation. These young Iraqis followed the extraordinary rite of Mass with fervor and devotion. The beautiful sermon of Father Charles Fazilleau was translated into Arabic so that Iraqis can learn the lessons of this Passion Sunday.

At the exit of the chapel, the smiles and handshakes exchanged with these young men of the East as already proven in their faith have been an emotional time and joyful. Well beyond the language barrier, infinite joy shone in looks. The joy of being alive in Christ.

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