Charlie's fate

soldier drawing

"The enemy you therefore limit gives you your shape and founds you". This phrase of Saint-Exupéry expresses quite well our condition at the end of this first week of the year 2015. The enemy forces me to evolve according to its codes, within a space that circumscribed. I first prisoner. He chose the land and compelled me to stay confined. Two immutable human data, space and time, it takes away space. Remove the space at the time it is a little pull Laurel to Hardy. The other unit continues to live, but it is disfigured. She lost her balance offered by the otherness of spouse. The time is not following the same space in which it operates. Geography fulfills destiny with a measurement as accurate as the hourglass.

Morihei Ueshiba, inventor of Aikido, who was Zen priest and philosopher, wanted to "change men ', remove all their violent tendencies. He wanted to conquer, but the loser is changed, he has never wanted to fight or attack someone. The defeat turned into a remedy for the evil aggression. If the enemy cornered me, I avoid a first, a second, a third… A small upward moves me, and lives. In martial arts, there is no linkage beginning with an attack. The art of war is based on the defense. I accepted because I could not do otherwise space, I accepted, because I was assaulted, but my adaptation to space must be greater than that of the enemy, for I am not blinded by hatred. Hatred is multiple and reveals the presence of Satan on Earth. Hatred is never freedom, or is freedom fly to another. Hatred knows very well hide under a smile or even a laugh. It is always a loss of self, it hurts the perpetrator and the victim. Let us be aware that the enemy is never itself and to defeat my greatest strength is to be myself. To defeat, I always have to defeat me. And, a part of me give up the other, if the division within me, if I think I just have to shake my hand or hug me in my arms, of strutting before the media, I'm done. I'll fly the first gale. I always stay true to my destiny, that soul, this freedom, God's gift. Evil is not a punishment says Pascal, it is a route drawn, a determination to seek God, to give him, to love1. All evil is a new chance to conversion. All evil is a chance to escape the sharp claws of the mundane identity sated, power and envy, if they can be weapons in the fight, do not melt anything resembling civilization.

The enemy is first on my soul

"The enemy you therefore limit gives you your shape and founds you". The enemy limiting me forces me to define what I am through my geography. Geography combines map and the territory. Culture and nature. The enemy reinforces my weakness. If my culture and my nature do not agree, if they do not comply or if I did not respect either, my enemy won. When I dodge, my mind can not launch the movement and my body, after reflexion, decide to follow. My body and mind must be as one. This is the martial art. This is the form. The enemy gives me my form not by modeling me, but by deconstructing me2, if I'm not a, if I am made of odds and ends, si je suis raccommodé.

And he set me… because it forces me to leave me and find me. The enemy is also otherness. It forces me to give me, because I do not want the fight, but it must be. Deployment of my strength just, because it comes protect what grounds me. The force that protects the only one that saves us from the power of will. If not, if the utility power, if it forces me to me ensauvager, she signs the victory of the enemy. The war forced me to find myself because I can not win by being the soul that God calls to conversion through evil. The enemy is first on my soul. He assaulted me, he wants me to come on his land, in its space. My first and decisive challenge is to accept his charge (I can not help but to be eliminated before having fought), but to change its space in mine, while continuing to act as if it was his field Retribution, its shape becomes mine, he founded his loss.

France is so much more than the Republic

France has helped shape the world by loving. It is the mission of France has always. Not for two centuries as our leaders want to believe and to believe. France is so much more than the Republic. It is also easy for the uneducated to ridicule the mission of France in History. The enemy is within double : he governs us, it embodies our future. From generation to generation, our leaders cultivate crass ignorance they s & rsquo; honor shamelessly. Each new suitor leads us to believe that we can go further in that path of mediocrity. The Republic they continue to brandish the values ​​suffered the biggest setback of his young life, she, who founded his empire on instruction, pardon, education, no longer recognizes her children, and her children hate. Our youth feeds on violence and calls for. At both ends of the chain, Unknowing command and orders, finding subterfuges for not questioning pointing scapegoats that will hunt down into literature, that is to say as she is desperate. The inconsistency and control orders because in the two ends of the chain, ideology prevails. The Republic and its attendant publicity fuzzy concepts (Against racism, secularism, etc.) Islamism and Islam cancer that is slow to realize the turn of Regensburg3. The organic link that ran year after year since the beginning of the France, from Clovis, transmitted here and there sometimes known by a multitude, often unrecognized or unknown, Jeanne small or great Charles4, continues to exist. It would be enough to bend a little to pick it up, to take it in his hands, and the warm comfort of the device to regain her love of life. And it is certain that only this link, this small fragile bond that does not look anything, but that has shaped the world, can help us overcome the ordeal of war. It is equally certain that there is no leader known well prepared to meet the. He was lost for so long. Many people act as if it never existed. As if it were a fantasy. Nobody seems inhabited by a sufficient faith. This is what continues to worry. When the patient no longer believes in his recovery, disease instead its banderillas and expects to bring the final blow. Our conversion is languishing wait. Our destiny can not be called tender.

  1. "You let stand the world and all things in the world than to exercise your elected"
  2. A great Okinawan karate master once said in a lecture he gave : "After a few seconds of sticky hands, I know all the weaknesses of the person in front of me. I do not have to press them while the battle "and easily demonstrated against the best students what he had to say.
  3. Here is the link to the Address of Benoit XVI the 12 September 2006. This speech, outstretched hand to have a real discussion about the violence and religions, not just about Islam, was lampooned by all European-righteous. All cried out that the Pope should not have to talk about this and even that he had no right. Duly noted !
  4. Charles de Gaul had not been celebrated with as much enthusiasm for a long time, without people knowing it

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