In the shadow Ernesto Sabato

Lorsqu'Ernesto Sabato died on 30 April in 99 years, he repeats the words of Maria Zambrano : Died that elusive action is realized by obeying, happens beyond reality, in another realm. At his home in Santos Lugares (“holy Places” near Buenos Aires), Ernesto Sabato obeys this last injunction. He has prepared for long. In Resistance, moving his literary testament published in 2002, he wrote : Forgot large parts of my life, more, on the other hand, some meetings, danger times and the names of those who pulled my depressions and bitterness still throbbing in my hands. And yours too, you who believe in me, who have read my books and will help me to die.

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Confession of a player

There are two decades, I wrote this little text on a footballer, Diego Maradona. Those who think nothing of sport will find here two literary references : the first links this text takes Homer and date of the intrusion of the ego in the story and the other for Joyce monologue that continues to question the existence.

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