Charlie's fate

soldier drawing

"The enemy you therefore limit gives you your shape and founds you". This phrase of Saint-Exupéry expresses quite well our condition at the end of this first week of the year 2015. The enemy forces me to evolve according to its codes, within a space that circumscribed. I first prisoner. He chose the land and compelled me to stay confined. Two immutable human data, space and time, it takes away space. Remove the space at the time it is a little pull Laurel to Hardy. The other unit continues to live, but it is disfigured. She lost her balance offered by the otherness of spouse. The time is not following the same space in which it operates. Geography fulfills destiny with a measurement as accurate as the hourglass. Continue reading “Charlie's fate”

In the shadow Ernesto Sabato

Lorsqu'Ernesto Sabato died on 30 April in 99 years, he repeats the words of Maria Zambrano : Died that elusive action is realized by obeying, happens beyond reality, in another realm. At his home in Santos Lugares (“holy Places” near Buenos Aires), Ernesto Sabato obeys this last injunction. He has prepared for long. In Resistance, moving his literary testament published in 2002, he wrote : Forgot large parts of my life, more, on the other hand, some meetings, danger times and the names of those who pulled my depressions and bitterness still throbbing in my hands. And yours too, you who believe in me, who have read my books and will help me to die.

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Emotion at Notre Dame du Lys

This is a beautiful emotion that all assistance faithful of Our Lady of the Lily has felt this morning at Mass 11:15. A delegation of Iraqi Christians in Baghdad were present and an Iraqi priest was simple and touching words to witness the massacre last October in the Baghdad cathedral. The recall of facts by one of the witnesses of the carnage carried the meeting for a few seconds in deep meditation. These young Iraqis followed the extraordinary rite of Mass with fervor and devotion. The beautiful sermon of Father Charles Fazilleau was translated into Arabic so that Iraqis can learn the lessons of this Passion Sunday.

At the exit of the chapel, the smiles and handshakes exchanged with these young men of the East as already proven in their faith have been an emotional time and joyful. Well beyond the language barrier, infinite joy shone in looks. The joy of being alive in Christ.